Easy to fit out Lab Space

The lack of easy-to-fit-out lab space in London is a known issue, and we provide the answer to it in the heart of the White City Innovation District.
You may need to handle biological or chemical materials, including hazardous substances. Or your work could be largely computer-based.

Our buildings are designed to accommodate typical lab requirements, such as:

  • Air flows and ventilation
  • Cooling & humidity control
  • Fume cupboard ducting and vent stack
  • Power distribution
  • Network connections
  • Water and gas supplies
  • Fire alarm and suppression systems
  • Space on roof for additional plant
  • Multiple spare risers for additional ventilation and plant
  • Access control and security


Since its launch in 2020, Scale Space White City has seen a growing number of life sciences scaleups move in. These are the main reasons they choose to base their businesses with us:

Growing Life Sciences Community:

1 - Growing Life Sciences Community:

Many cutting edge firms already call
White City home: Autolus, Novartis,
DNA Nudge, DNAe, Quell and Gamma
Delta Therapeutics.

See who else is in Scale Space here.

Unparalleled STEM Talent:

2 - Unparalleled STEM Talent:

Imperial College London’s presence in White City provides access to an unparalleled STEM talent pool.
There are over 1,300 scientists, clinicians and
engineers on campus and 3,700 researchers and academics.

World Class Facilities

3 - World Class Facilities

Capacity across a broad range of good value for money, state-of-the-art life sciences facilities set up to support
businesses across different phases of growth, from incubation through to scaleup and maturity.

In the heart of the White City Innovation District

4 - In the heart of the White City Innovation District

The White City Innovation District forms part of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Industrial Strategy. Created in partnership with Imperial College London, the goal is to make the borough a global beacon for innovation and growth and a leading place for tech, creative businesses, education and research.

What our Labspace members say