Scale Space is a community focused on unlocking the potential of UK innovation.

A community where ambitious businesses access the people, services and space they need to accelerate growth.

A community that plugs you into the UK’s leading digital venture builder, Blenheim Chalcot, and the talent and expertise of world-leading universities such as Imperial College London and the University of Nottingham.

A community where innovative businesses unlock their potential to build economies, create jobs and enrich lives.

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On top of the over 20 years’ experience of the UK’s leading digital venture builder Blenheim Chalcot, and exceptional research and talent from world-leading universities, we know what it takes to scale up. We call them our ingredients for great:

Growth Network

1 - Growth Network

Plug your business into a network of venture builders, academics, researchers, tech leaders and scaleup experts. When you’re a growing business, having people outside your core team to act as mentors and support is crucial. As a member, you join an unrivalled network of growth expertise. Book half an hour with a serial entrepreneur, enable your team to collaborate on key topics you need support with, or join our exclusive roundtable events. Let our team help you make the connections you need for your next stage of growth.

Expert Know-How

2 - Expert Know-How

Scaling is a science. Our community platform brings together research and insights from leading venture builders, top Universities and expert partners. Moving into a new market, restructuring for growth, new product development; almost all problems of a scaling business have been faced by someone before. To avoid having to reinvent the wheel, our community platform brings a range of research and expertise on business growth. That includes best-practice case studies, research, and insights from digital venture builder Blenheim Chalcot, world-leading universities and our expert partners.

Scaleup services

3 - Scaleup services

As you grow, you’ll need specialist support beyond your immediate team. Source these from our carefully curated list of trusted providers. Connect with students and graduates looking to gain industry experience. Utilise our monthly talent clinics for recruitment guidance, talent scouting opportunities and research consultancy. As a member, you also have access to our curated list of trusted service providers, including tech experts, R&D support, brand builders and training providers. It gives you the specialist support you need, at a good price, to help accelerate your growth.

Tailored Space

4 - Tailored Space

Our workspaces are designed to provide the ideal environment for innovation and growth. The first of these is in White City, West London, in partnership with Imperial College London. We also have a great central office in Nottingham, which is connected with the University of Nottingham.

You’ll find all the facilities your team might need from day one. Plus, you can brand your space and really make it your own, with all the flexibility fast-growing companies need. Create somewhere your team will love to work and an environment you can show off to your customers with pride.


Scale Space is for businesses pushing the boundaries of technology, digital and life sciences:


Our community lives across our dedicated physical spaces and online. There are some great ways to be part of Scale Space: