How to mentor and coach for success and why it matters for your scale-up

October 5, 2020
How to mentor and coach for success and why it matters for your scale-up Subscribe for new episodes

In the latest episode of Scaling From The Edge, we ask our expert panel how to establish mentoring and coaching initiatives within scaling ventures to optimise team performance.

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have implemented structured mentoring programs in the workplace. Due to resource constraints, scale ups often seek unstructured or outsourced approaches to support their teams. This episode explores the difference between structured and unstructured mentorship and coaching, and addresses:

  1. what approach a scale up should take to mentoring
  2. whether structured or unstructured approaches are better for scaling companies, or
  3. how scaleups could benefit from, and implement both

Meet the panel

Dean Corbett – Chief People Officer, Avado Learning
Dr Harveen Chugh – Senior Teaching Fellow, Imperial College Business School
Dominique Kleyn – Founder, Orthonika, and Deputy Director, Imperial Venture Mentoring Service

Our Scaling From The Edge series explores critical issues facing the UK scale-up sector as a result of COVID-19. Expertly curated panel discussions and fireside chats will probe ways to pivot business plans, leadership and growth strategies as CEOs navigate the current pandemic.

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